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Dec. 18th, 2016 07:41 pm
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Name: Telsen
Age: 9
Species: Sylvari
Canon: Guild Wars 2
Canon Point: Sometime after Mordremoth has been killed

Appearance: 6'3", painfully thin, big dark noodle. Black bark, blue glow, and a love of fancy, revealing clothing. Always has glasses, either with gold or white frames. He has white butterfly carvings in his bark from wrist to wrist, connecting behind his shoulders.

Clothing varies but refs here!

Personality: His personality is a grab-bag of anxiety, bad coping mechanisms, and obsessive nerdery. He's nervous and bookish on the surface but is quick to become dramatic, lash out, or panic. He's plenty capable of being nice and helpful but is generally not that useful if you need him to do much more than study or write something down. Quickly becomes resentful of those that try to control him, though at the same time, can be terribly clingy.

He adores history and mythology, and especially has a love of collecting various folklore stories and local legends from wherever he travels. When sufficiently motivated, he'll fight or even develop a backbone. It rarely lasts long.

He's petty as hell and a persistent flirt after a couple drinks.

Nightmare Court: As a Nightmare Courtier he's compelled to seek out or cause suffering. Pain or emotional distress, especially of sylvari, is required to "feed" Nightmare and he'll gradually become less and less stable the longer he goes without feeding that desire for pain. His own suffering counts. There is no cure or mitigation of Nightmare corruption.

Pathetic villain he might be, he's still a villain. Technically.

Abilities: - Elementalist -

Telsen uses daggers to channel his skills, preferring a very agile, mobile fighting style that requires a lot of dodging. He's very good at avoiding damage and his attacks sting, but he's no powerhouse. It takes very little to put him out of a fight, if you can get your hands on him.


Air Attunement - The element he has the most control over, he settles into air attunement by default. This is the attunement for stuns, speed, and high, burst damage.
Water Attunement - He turns to water mostly for the healing and support rather than offensive abilities. He's a serviceable healer in a pinch. Soothing Mist is almost always active when he switches to water, to soothe pain and minor injuries of those around him.

Cantrips - Being the delicate coward he is, Telsen is especially good at cantrips. The two he uses the most are Mist Form and Lightning Flash. He uses both for fleeing bad situations, in place of dodging, or as a means of stealth. He can hold Mist Form for a considerable amount of time.

Arcane: Basically he's pretty agile and has a good grasp on minor arcane skills in addition to his elemental powers.

Other abilities:

He's okay with fire attunement, though has anxiety about using it so prefers not to. Earth he's pretty bad at and only switches to it out when he really needs added durability or temporary strength. Glyphs he's good with but rarely uses in combat situations, more for study than anything.


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